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Message from Jill Blount – Senior Case Manager


Jill 010

Dear All

I am extremely excited to announce that I recently helped out with the Derby Headway Summer Fayre and we managed to raise £300.

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Welcome Emma Vail


Emma Vail

We are delighted to introduce Emma Vail, a new Case Manager in Scotland.

Emma qualified with an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2006 from the University of Essex.

Emma undertook a rotational clinical physiotherapist post at NHS Western Sussex Hospitals Trust.  Here she gained experience in a variety of clinical areas including, Neurology, Orthopaedics, HDU, ITU and In-patient Neurological Rehabilitation.  Working in the acute sector and community environment Emma dealt with complex orthopaedic traumas and neurological cases including complex orthopaedic traumas, acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations.

As well as her role as a Case Manager for Tania Brown; Emma also works in a neuro-musculoskeletal out-patient clinic as a specialist physiotherapist.

Take a look at Emma’s CV on our team page.

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Welcome Helen Spellman


Helen Spelllman

We are very pleased to introduce Helen Spellman, she is a new Case Manager in the Leeds,York. North Yorkshire area.

Helen is a Registered Nurse with 26 years of experience. She worked as a Staff Nurse for the NHS York Trust Learning Disability Services;   where she developed her skills of working with individuals with complex cognitive impairment and physical disability.

She has held varied positions during her career. She worked for Leonard Cheshire Disability in the brain injury rehabilitation unit, firstly as a Service Manager, and then she was promoted to the Group Manager of the Acquired Brain Injury Division.

Helen has also recently worked for Titleworth Neuro Ltd as Head of Neuro Services.

Take a look at Helen’s CV on our team page.




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Welcome Val Sparkes


Val Sparkes

We are very pleased to introduce Val Sparkes; a new Case Manager in the North West area.

Val is a qualified Occupational Therapist and has been since 2004. She began her career with the National Health Service where she held a rotational post for three years.  Her posts included Orthopaedics and Surgery, Neurological Rehabilitation, Medical Specialities, Community Hospital and Paediatrics.  Val completed her final rotational post as Case Manager for the Conditions Management Programme.  During her rotational posts, Val benefited from working with a varied caseload including Acquired Brain Injury, Muscular Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury and Amputation.

Working in both Paediatrics and Neurological Rehabilitation has encouraged Val to develop her knowledge of specific conditions, particularly with regard to longer-term conditions.  Working in these areas has enabled Val to develop effective working alliances with clients, their families and carers.

Val’s experience of working within the field of Mental Health has been valuable, particularly within Neurological Rehabilitation.  Complex cases have required skilled and specialised occupational therapy interventions encompassing both physical and cognitive assessments and interventions.  This has not only involved managing the biopsychosocial impact of the condition with the client, but has managed the considerable effect that illness and function has upon families and carers.

Take a look at Val’s CV on our team page


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