Joanne Blakeley

Specialist Areas

A specialist physiotherapist with neurological experience with children, adolescents and young people as well as adults. Joanne fully engages clients in the rehabilitation process and works within a client goal-directed perspective, with the aim to achieve her client’s maximal recovery, level of independence and quality of life.

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 2004

Joanne graduated from the University of Manchester in 2004 with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy. She commenced her career in physiotherapy in Boston Hospital in 2004 where she undertook all core rotations as a band 5 physiotherapist. During her training as a physiotherapist, Joanne worked in a young disabled unit between 2002-2004 as a support worker, her main role was working with ABI and TBI clients with challenging behaviours.

In 2006 Joanne moved back to Yorkshire where she became a band 6 physiotherapist working in both acute and community settings with clients with a range of conditions including acquired brain injury. She was able to increase her neurological experience working in the Long-term Conditions community team for 12 months and the community setting for acute services for 12 months. Here she increased her knowledge in equipment provision and underwent single assessment MDT working with the occupational therapists and speech and language therapists allowing her to widen her clinical knowledge and undertook blurred boundary working such as swallowing assessments and equipment provision.

Joanne then secured a clinical lead role within the critical care team, working with burns patients, spinal injuries patients, multi trauma orthopaedic patients and children in the acute setting. Joanne acted as the clinical lead for the children’s ward, liaising with community-based paediatric service. Whilst in the role as the clinical lead, Joanne provided training for the York Respiratory course in the area of spinal injuries which taught significant emergency and maintenance skills to qualified physiotherapists ensuring the respiratory function of spinal injuries patients was maintained for both children and adults, with Joanne specifically assigned to the children’s training.

In this capacity Joanne has also worked with clients directly employed by the local CCG’s to train and support carers to assist with care support being set up and ensure care needs are being met in line with clients’ requirements. In addition to this Joanne has provided bespoke training to carers to ensure movement, joint range and leisure requirements are met.

Joanne was a clinical lead within her NHS role as a physiotherapist and held this role for 7 years. As part of her clinical role, Joanne was instrumental in the implementation of NICE guidelines within the critical care setting and also was instrumental in training for community based carers and health professionals for continuing care of high dependency clients moving from hospital to community-based care, whether that was in their own homes or in a care setting. Joanne has worked very closely with the learning disabilities Matron for Huddersfield and Calderdale NHS trust. Her role was to ensure continuity of care for clients with learning disability to ensure reduced stress levels for people with behavioural symptoms. This was provided to clients as inpatients, where clients could be scheduled for surgery, and also to clients as outpatients to oversee their contact with physiotherapy services.

As part of her clinical role, she was responsible for the training of a team of physiotherapists in the care of both adults and children with complex needs, and was instrumental in developing communication with community-based services and acute services to ensure her clients received seamless care and avoid delays in care transfer.

In addition to her clinical experience, Joanne also worked for Maximus as a work capability assessor. This work afforded Joanne the benefit of significant mental health training alongside report writing and assessment of clients with limited work capability. Through this work Joanne was able to increase her mental health knowledge and this has translated into her more recent work as a Rehabilitation Case Manager.

Joanne commenced her career working in Case Management with Corpore Ltd in 2017 as a multi trauma case manager, then working to undertake specialist cases in Spinal Injuries and lower limb amputee injuries. As a case manager she has worked with people with post-concussion syndrome, memory and concentration symptoms, cognitive impairment and pre-existing mental health conditions such as paranoia and personality disorders.

Her clinical knowledge allowed her to assist other case managers with cases where neurological symptoms were also apparent, therefore undertaken specialist visits to review the neurological aspects of a client’s injuries and making recommendations for treatment moving forward.

Joanne undertook the Matherson Functional Capacity evaluator training in October 2017, and from this training became a keen participant in the use of outcome measures. This was both as a clinical guidance for recovery, but also as a direct motivating factor for her clients to allow them to see the level of improvement they had undertaken and to afford them the ability to strive to achieve more from their rehabilitation.

Joanne works for TBL as a case manager. In this role she is responsible for client rehabilitation and works with a client goal-directed perspective, with the aim to achieve her client’s maximal recovery, level of independence and quality of life. She is passionate about placing the client at the centre of what we do and maximising their engagement in the rehabilitation process. Joanne has been a case manager since February 2017, managing clients who have sustained both multi trauma and catastrophic injuries who live in the community. She has worked over her clinical and case managerial career with a range of adults and children with brain injury and spinal injury, multi trauma orthopaedic injuries which includes those with complex needs. Joanne works from the client’s perspective, assisting them to set and achieve their goals, applying evidence-based rehabilitation in the community.

Joanne is happy to work on complex cases and has a particular interest in coordinating community rehabilitation packages, and running rehabilitation programs for individuals who have sustained brain injury and spinal injuries. Joanne believes in the ability to achieve maximal rehabilitation when the client’s individual needs and requirements are at the forefront of the case management. She has significant experience of preparing Immediate Needs Reports and Quantification Reports as a case manager since 2017.

Joanne became a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2004. She is a member of CMSUK, and remains an active member of the Chartered society of Physiotherapists. Joanne is also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.