Stuart Bertram

Specialist Areas

A passionate and committed occupational therapist with outstanding interpersonal skills Stuart has excellent clinical skills and demonstrable leadership qualities which enable him to create environments in which others flourish.

MSc Advancing Healthcare Practice (2016)
BSc (hons) Occupational Therapy 2011

Stuart graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from London South Bank University in 2011 and later obtained a Master’s degree in Advancing Healthcare Practice specialising in leadership and change management. Stuart began his career in 2004 as a community support worker until he qualified as an Occupational Therapist and later moved into service development. Stuart is skilled in assessing for and providing therapeutic interventions and case management support.

Stuart has worked across a wide range of health and social care settings including acute medicine, Orthopaedics, neuro-rehabilitation, adult and adolescent mental health and social services. Stuart now works as a Case Manager for TBL and is familiar with the challenges and nuanced institutional and psychosocial implications that befall case management support. Stuart has successfully managed a caseload of increasing complexity supporting individuals with brain injuries, spinal injuries, mental health challenges, addiction, hematological conditions, orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders and amputation. The majority of cases Stuart managed involved people experiencing personality change, emotional problems, and difficulty making decisions or solving problems independently. This included working closely with families and friends, attending to their needs as well as the person they care for. He works hard to support family and friends who are struggling with complex and often simultaneous emotions including anger, guilt, grief and loss. This required a high degree of skill, knowledge and expertise to empower and enables people to achieve their goals.

Throughout Stuart’s career he has undertaken detailed assessments to understand how the physical and social environment might be limiting a person’s ability to live the life they want. Importance is always placed on exploring in partnership with people and their families appropriate solutions that might improve their quality of life and achieve their ambitions. Stuart works very closely with individuals to understand how to enable and empower them to engage in important and meaningful activities appropriate to their strengths and abilities. Stuart has used a wide range of rehabilitative tools and techniques and takes a strict evidence-based approach to measuring outcomes. Stuart has worked as private Occupational Therapist specialising in moving and handling people teaching regularly within Universities, the NHS, local authorities and private care providers.

Stuart is a passionate and committed professional with outstanding interpersonal skills. He is articulate and a fast learner with the flexibility to apply his creative problem-solving ability to any situation, delivering high standards of performance at all times. Stuart has sound clinical skills and demonstrable leadership qualities which enable him to create environments in which others flourish.

Stuart’s current case load includes individuals who are living with both complex brain injuries, spinal injuries and significant mental health challenges, a combination which presents with a unique set of challenges both clinically and administratively having to work with both statutory health and social care providers across physical, mental and neurological services as well as the voluntary and private sector. Despite the complexities Stuart has been able to pull together the appropriate resources, working hand in hand with individuals and their families to get the care and support they need and progress swiftly towards living a life they want to live.

Stuart has developed skills which enable him to quickly navigate the complex health and social care landscape, including working with CHC funded clients. With a sound working knowledge of safeguarding, mental capacity and best interest decision making Stuart is a skilled risk assessor and thrives when working collaboratively. Building positive therapeutic relationships with his clients and those that support them is at the core of his practice. Demonstrating courtesy, compassion and respect for all persons involved in each individual case. By using his specialist expertise, his understanding of injury, illness and disability and its’ impact on an individual’s wellbeing Stuart adopts a true partnership approach to supporting people to get the very best out of life.