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Recognition Awards


Although we are always client first here at Tania Brown Limited, we also like to show our appreciation to our staff for their continued commitment to our clients.

We would like to say a massive well done to one of our case managers, Karen Thwaite for receiving yet another recognition award in June 2019 for her continuous hard work. Received staff feedback states “Karen always has a smile on her face and always brings joy into the office” “Karen works really hard and it always shows well in her work”.

Another huge well done to Jessica Redhead our Case Manager Co-ordinator, again she has received another recognition award  for her hard work and support towards our clients and case managers. Received staff feedback states ” Jessica is a delight to work with, nothing is ever too much for her, she is always there to help no matter how big or little the job is”.
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Happy Work Anniversary


We would like to wish our Finance Officer Hannah Davies a happy work anniversary. Hannah has been with Tania Brown Ltd for a year now and has fit right into the team.

Hannah manages the Tania Brown accounts daily keeping update accurate daily records, assisting with the invoicing process, reconciling the internal systems daily with financial data.

Hannah celebrating with the Office Manager Teresa.
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Reflections of a Care Expert


By Deanne Barrow Dip RCOT

My Professional Background I qualified as an occupational therapist (OT) in 1985 and have worked extensively in the NHS and Social Services since that time. Over the years I have been an integral part of various multi-disciplinary teams, working alongside doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, social workers and architects amongst others. Since 2007, I have worked in the private sector for Tania Brown Ltd Case Management and Expert Witness Services. During this period, I have gained experience of working as a case manager in addition to undertaking my ongoing clinical role as an OT. Since 2008, I have also worked as an expert witness. In the thirty-four years since I qualified, I have gained a wealth of experience of undertaking functional assessments of people with a wide range of physical, cognitive and psychological issues. Assessing people from all backgrounds and in a wide variety of home environments from houseboats and caravans to grand manor houses and all things in between.

How Does My Experience Qualify Me to Comment on Care?

Extensive experience of undertaking functional assessments in clients home settings has provided me with a broad knowledge base which I am able to draw upon when preparing care reports for Court. I view my role as painting a picture for the Court of what life was like for the client before the index event, what has changed and what needs to be addressed to improve that persons quality of life and increase their independence wherever possible. Whilst training to be an occupational therapist, the importance of a holistic approach was emphasised repeatedly so that it became second nature to me and this has served me well. I now realise that our training back in the 1980 was ahead of its time in many ways as we learned how important it is for physical and mental health/wellbeing to be meaningfully occupied, to have goals and aspirations and to feel that you are making a contribution to society. Within the budgetary and time constraints of working within statutory services, it has been challenging to adhere to the principle of holistic assessment and treatment at times but within the private sector and particularly whilst working as an expert witness, the ability to look at all aspects of an individual’s life has come into its own.

What is the role of the OT Expert Witness?

The role of the occupational therapy expert witness is to provide information, clarification, opinion and impartial advice to the Court to enable them to come up with a fair and reasonable conclusion to all parties involved in a case.

Final Thoughts

I am regularly approached by OT colleagues who are interested in becoming an expert witness. I always advise that in addition to the obvious requirement of extensive clinical experience, they need to be passionate about report writing because the reports can be very lengthy and arduous at times. Dogged determination is needed to present a thorough, well-reasoned report, taking into account all of the available medical/psychiatric/psychological evidence. A love of presenting an argument on paper and orally is essential. If you have those qualities, I would highly recommend working as a care expert.

Deanne Barrow Dip RCOT

Deanne qualified as an occupational therapist in 1985. Since that time she has worked extensively in acute hospital and community settings taking sole responsibility for the management of a significant number of complex cases. W:

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Meet Georgina Moore


Georgina has worked at Tania Brown for three months now and she is enjoying learning new things everyday, we asked Georgina why she enjoys working with us and she likes the team she works with and everyday is different. Georgina is very adventurous and likes to go for walks with her family and partner in in summer/spring, she enjoys seeing the sights and likes to keep fit.

We asked Georgina a couple of questions:

1.What’s your favourite food?

Steak,veg, new potato’s and peppercorn sauce

2. Name your claim to fame –

Got to second place in Miss Wigan.

3. Which would you prefer & why? Three wishes over five years or one wish right now.

Three and because I may not like the one wish.

 4. What skill would you like to learn?

The art of jewellery making.

 5. What is your favourite TV show?

Breaking Bad.

6. What would you like to be in five years time?

I would like to have a side business of accounts.

7. If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Britney Spears and she was my childhood idol.

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Elf Day – Awareness for Alzheimer’s


On the 7th December we raised awareness for Alzheimer’s day, everybody had to dress up in something relating to Elf! We raised a good amount of money for this cause! Remember to show your photo’s from your Elf Day.

See below the fun that we got up too!

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Meet Hannah Davies


Hannah has recently moved from Wolverhampton to Wigan in June and has been working at Tania Brown since her move five months ago. She likes to spend her spare time cleaning her house, going on walks and listening to music. We asked Hannah why she enjoys working at Tania Brown and she likes that the job offers a lot of diversity, it’s a good team and we all work really well together.

  1. If you could go back in time, what year would you go back too and why? 2007 and because this is the last year my mum was here and I would like to say all the things I didnt have a chance to say before.
  2. What is your favourite way to relax? I love to have a bubble bath with my favourite coconut candles.
  3. If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be and why? Steven Hawking, I would love to sit down with him and ask him so many questions,he was full of knowledge and I would love to know everything he knew.
  4. Where is the most interesting place you have visited? Montserrat, Catalonia’s I found the story behind it really interested.
  5. Name your claim to fame? I auditioned for X-Factor in 2014.
  6. Whats your favourite TV Show/Films? Vampire Diaries is my favourite and my favourite film is Titanic.
  7. What is your favourite meal? Chicken and Bacon Burger.
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The Impact of Brain Injury


Please see this BBC animation about one of our client’s experience of sustaining a brain injury and the impact this had on her and her sister’s life. It connects to a VR experience too!

Click on the link below to watch this amazing depiction of the effects and impact this has had.

Please like and share this animation to help people understand the impact a Brain Injury can have both on the survivor and their family.

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Meet Teresa Rey-Salomon


Teresa Rey-Salomon is a Senior Administrator/HR Support and has been with Tania Brown for four years! She has a busy family life with her partner of thirteen years and two girls, they love spending time together and going on walks with their Labrador called Murphy. We asked Teresa why does she enjoy working at Tania Brown Ltd and her response was that she loves what is stands for, helping people get back their previous life’s or how to live like they used too before their injuries or accidents and also how she loves to see clients progress.

We asked Teresa a couple of questions:

  1. If you could chose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?
    Lord Alan Sugar and because I like his hard work and determination, he came from nothing and believed in himself and now he has got what he has worked for.
  2. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
    Buy lots of dogs
  3. What’s your favourite food?
    I will eat anything
  4. If you could give advice to younger self, what would your advice be?
    Work hard.
  5. Name your claim to fame
    Sat next too Maria from Coronation Street in a bar in Alderly Edge.
  6. What is your favourite TV Shows/Films?
    Murder She Wrote,Touch Of Frost, Columbo.
  7. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
    I would be an Occupational Therapist.
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World Mental Health Day




Today Tania Brown Ltd are raising awareness for World Mental Health Day and to help others understand how important it is to help others dealing with problems concerning mental health and how to live better.

Every year one adult in four, along with one child in ten will suffer with mental health issues, this is profoundly affecting a million of lives and affecting how they maintain relationships and day to day life.

Only one-fourth of people who struggle undergo on-going treatment while the other vast majority of those hide in isolation. If you know somebody who suffers with mental health then help them speak out!


” It’s okay not to be okay”

For more information visit:

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World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2018


Tania Brown has held our very own Macmillan Coffee Morning in order to raise money for people facing cancer. We wish everyone all over the UK to hoist their own coffee mornings and donations on the day to help towards this fundraising event.

Last year they Macmillan raised over £27 million and hopefully this year we have made another successful year.

Everyone had such a good time baking there goodies and had an even better time tasting them!


We even had the local dog come into the office and visit us…. Jeff!

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