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Immediate Needs Assessments

For those individuals who have sustained an injury, early rehabilitative intervention is essential to ensure they have the best chance of maximising their recovery.

Tania Brown Ltd has extensive experience of undertaking immediate needs assessments (INAs) under the Rehabilitation Code 2007, for adults and children who have sustained catastrophic injuries of all types including brain injury and spinal cord injury.

One of our experienced team of specialists will visit the individual at their home or other familiar environment and will assess the nature of their injuries both physical and psychological to determine their immediate needs in terms of care, equipment and accommodation. This information will be used to prepare a report which details the costs of the support and services required.

What to Expect

What to expect;

  • Referral sent through to TBL by telephone, email or letter
  • A case manager is selected on the basis of expertise of that particular injury type and CV sent through to you together with quote for the assessment usually within 24 hours
  • Once a case manager is agreed and authorised , the case manager makes telephone contact with the client within 3 working days to fix an appointment
  • The case manager to visit the client at home/hospital within 5 working days to undertake the assessment
  • The report is prepared and sent out within 10 days of the assessment
  • These timescale are flexible and we can prepare INAs in less time if the report is needed urgently.

The Report

The report will be clear and comprehensive and will set out the following;

  • Clients details including social and domestic situation
  • Details of the injuries sustained and treatment received to date, including any ongoing treatment
  • Physical disabilities and restrictions on daily life
  • Psychological and emotional impact on daily life
  • Current support/care regime
  • Identification of any case management, equipment/housing and short or longer term provision required.
  • Provide estimate of costings for such recommendations
  • Identify other areas of speciality which should be involved eg. physiotherapy
  • Identify and statutory services which could be utilised