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Social Responsibility


Through our social responsibility programme we support charities and initiatives that are designed to assist our clients and their families.


At Tania Brown Limited we take our social responsibilities seriously by translating our policies and processes into meaningful activities in order to both enhance our positive impacts and to minimise and prevent any negative impacts.

We have a very clear view on how this is best achieved by both developing our people and working closely with our business associates and local communities nationwide. Our objective is to develop a supportive and responsive culture which actively involves our company in our wider society.

How do we do this?

  • We support people to realise their full potential.
  • We continue to provide the best clinical services.
  • We take responsibility for our impact on our environment.
  • We support development in our local communities.
  • We try to work with other organisations and individuals with similar values and ethical policies.

Our social responsibility programme is fundamental to the way that we run our business. It is a huge part of our staff induction training and is embedded in everything we do.

Tania Brown Ltd are pleased to sit on the board of Headway Wigan & Leigh.
The group was designed to serve the communities of Wigan and Leigh. The branch hold monthly support sessions to provide a network for brain injury survivors and their families.

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Our social responsibility work is focussed in the following areas.

The Environment

We are mindful of the effect our company has on the environment and take positive steps to minimise any negative impacts by:-

  • Adopting office recycling policies.
  • Using recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Minimising waste.
  • Minimising our carbon footprint.

Donating our Time & Experience

At Tania Brown Limited we encourage our staff to engage in volunteering opportunities and feel proud that many of our staff take part in a wide range of volunteering activities nationwide.

We have in place a volunteering policy which encourages and supports all our staff to engage in volunteering activities for a minimum of ten hours per year.

Tania Brown Limited facilitate this interaction with community volunteering activities via the use of a co-ordinated database of information.

We have also been able to provide advice and clinical support to a wide range of organisations which has been given free of charge in a spirit of mutual co-operation.

We estimate that last year we offered in excess of 300 hours of free clinical advice and support. We anticipate that this will continue to increase year on year as we actively promote our social responsibility programme.

Education, Training & Mentorship

Over the years Tania Brown Limited has actively worked towards the sharing of information and skills between all independent, statutory and voluntary agencies as well as with the wider community.

We have been particularly active in the creation of UKSCIF which is a networking and educational forum to facilitate research and the transfer of information between the voluntary, private and statutory sectors within spinal cord injury.

We are also founding members of Headway Wigan & Leigh whereby our team have been particularly proactive in volunteering their time for various fundraising events along with monthly support sessions and committee meetings.