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Susan Holmes


Susan Holmes
Case Manager
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Susan qualified as an occupational therapist in 1993. Susan began her career working in the field of rehabilitation including brain injury and rheumatology. In this post Susan worked in a 15-bedded regional brain injury unit. Her role included assessment of individuals with brain injury and working with clients to set treatment goals in relation to daily life and goals for community living. She provided goal-directed treatment programmes to maximise independence.

Susan worked within the multi-disciplinary team to promote best outcomes for the client. This gave Susan a sound knowledge base in neurological rehabilitation and working with individuals who have sustained catastrophic injury.

In 1996 Susan specialised in rheumatology outpatient services completing group work in pacing/fatigue management and providing input to individuals in a vocational setting.

In 1999 Susan returned to a rehabilitation post, working with the elderly with complex needs in the community. Her role involved acting as a liaison between acute and community services, providing education on team working and resolving team differences to increase referrals and promote communication.

In 2000 Susan continued to work in elderly community rehabilitation, treating individuals many of whom had sustained a stroke. Her role included co-ordinating the community resources to provide input to individuals.

From 2001 to 2005 Susan pursued her interest in mental health and succeeded in gaining a post in a community mental health team, working with individuals with chronic mental health and anxiety conditions. Susan’s role was to promote health and well-being within a non-medicalised context, utilising community facilities and resources.

Between 2005 and 2007 Susan took a step away from a full time post due to family commitments and acted as Professional Supervisor to Occupational Therapy Services within Momentum, a brain injury charity. Susan reviewed brain injury case work, client goals, input provided, and gave supervision and guidance in working with individuals with brain injury.

Susan now combines her experience of rehabilitation, neurological conditions, mental health and client engagement as a case manager with Tania Brown Ltd.  Susan works with individuals with complex conditions including brain injury. Susan has a particular interest in working with individuals with motivational and mental health difficulties.

Susan’s experience and communication abilities allow her to bring together her skills of complex care planning, recognising an individual’s capabilities and empowering clients to identify and achieve their potential. Liaison is at the core of Susan’s case management, she values working closely with family members and all stakeholders involved.


BSc in Occupational Therapy                        1993


BABICM Advanced Member (British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers)

BAOT (British Association of Occupational Therapy)