Emma Vail

Specialist Areas

A specialist physiotherapist, Emma has a huge amount of rehabilitation experience from both inpatient units and in the community. Emma believes in the vital role case management can have optimising complex rehabilitation cases and placing the client at the centre of all decisions.

MSc Physiotherapy 2006
BSc Physiology 2004

Emma Vail qualified with an MSc in physiotherapy in 2006 from the University of Essex.

Emma began her career as a physiotherapist working for a case management company in London where she developed an integral understanding of the vital role expert case management can take in optimising complex rehabilitation cases and putting the client at the center of all decisions. She developed a natural understanding of the requirements of all stake holders in the management of clients with complex neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation needs
In 2009 Emma undertook a rotational clinical physiotherapist post at NHS Western Sussex Hospitals Trust. Here she gained experience in a variety of clinical areas including, Neurology, Orthopedics, HDU, ITU and inpatient Neurological-rehabilitation. Working in the acute sector and community environment Emma dealt with complex orthopedic traumas and neurological cases including acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations. As part of the in-patient neurological rehabilitation unit Emma worked as part of a multidisciplinary team, intensively assessing and managing patient’s rehabilitation working towards discharge into the community. As part of the community team Emma then worked closely with all levels of the team to continue to progress patient’s physical and emotional rehabilitation. Working in this environment enabled appreciation of the full scope of the patient journey and the impact on both the patient and their family, from initial acute admission to discharge and the challenges of rebuilding their lives in the community

In 2012 Emma joined NHS Hampshire Hospitals Trust, as a service manager. A complex role managing the integration of a charitable organisation and health care delivery within an NHS trust, this required delicate and adaptable communication with all stake holders in order to ensure evidence based and patient centered care was delivered. As service manager, she was responsible for both a clinical case load of cardiac rehabilitation patients and the management of a team of expert multidisciplinary medical and allied health professionals. Emma was responsible for the recruitment of staff and led on clinical supervision and mentoring within the Team.

Relocating to NHS Grampian at the start of 2014, Emma used her rehabilitation knowledge effectively, working in the community rehabilitation team and neuro-musculoskeletal out-patient clinic as a specialist physiotherapist.

This role dealt with a broad-spectrum case load of acute injuries, neurological and long-term conditions including acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, amputations and Stroke. Emma has vast experience of collaborative working with carers and families within the home and clinic setting, recognising the vital importance of addressing both physical and psychological needs of patients and providing appropriate recommendations to progress rehabilitation.
Emma currently works for NHS Grampian as Lead Physiotherapist for Moray Health and Social Care managing a large number of clinical staff across a variety of clinical specialism and providing over all leadership for the Physiotherapy service.

Her career to date has demanded above all else a flexible and adaptable approach in unpredictable environments; to be creative and resourceful; to be comfortable making decisions autonomously whilst being happy within a team environment. Emma has an excellent ability to communicate with a diverse range of people with empathy and sensitivity whilst offering people the encouragement and motivation to achieve their goals.