Subject and Verb Agreement Quick Check Jiskha

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept in grammar that deals with matching the subject of a sentence with its corresponding verb form. When a subject and its verb don’t agree, it can lead to confusion or ambiguity in writing. For this reason, it’s crucial to check subject-verb agreement whenever you write a sentence.

One tool that can help you quickly check your subject-verb agreement is Jiskha. Jiskha is an online educational platform that provides free homework help from volunteer tutors. It has a quick-check tool that allows you to input a sentence and get instant feedback on the subject-verb agreement.

To use Jiskha’s quick-check tool for subject-verb agreement, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Jiskha website and scroll down to the “Quick Check” section.

2. Click on the “English” tab.

3. Type your sentence into the text box.

4. Click the “Check” button.

Jiskha will analyze your sentence and provide feedback on the subject-verb agreement. If the subject and verb agree, Jiskha will say “Correct!” If there’s a disagreement, Jiskha will provide suggestions on how to correct it.

For example, if you input the sentence “The dog barks loudly,” Jiskha will respond with “Correct!” because “dog” is singular and “barks” is the correct verb form for a singular subject.

On the other hand, if you input the sentence “The dogs barks loudly,” Jiskha will respond with “Incorrect. Change “barks” to “bark.”” because “dogs” is plural, and the verb form should match.

Using Jiskha’s quick-check tool is an excellent way to catch subject-verb agreement errors and improve your writing. However, it’s essential to remember that quick-check tools are not foolproof, and it’s always a good idea to double-check your writing manually to ensure accuracy.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is essential in writing, and Jiskha’s quick-check tool is a helpful resource to quickly catch any errors. By using this tool, you can improve the quality of your writing and communicate your ideas more effectively.